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Northwood N.A.D.S. Renunion 2012

Harrah's Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas - April 25-30, 2012


 Digger, Curly, George, Bruce, Dell, Ken, Jim, Randy, Bimbo, Jack


Weber Suite - George, Jim, Mike. Dwight & Jane

George Weber, Dell Tapp, Mike McCann

Joel, George, Digger, Peggy & Randy

Lenny, Bruce, Carol & Barbara

Barbara, Evelyne, Micky

Lawrence, Bonny, Vicky & Micky

Dell Tapp, Carol Dibble & Mark Robbins

Bonny Pasowicz, Vicky Mercieca & Diane Tomlinson

Mark & Peggy

Judy & Bonny

Vicky & Diane

Bimbo, Jim, Curly, Dirty Nick, Randy, Digger & Dell

Joel & Bonny Pasowicz

Flamingo Buffet

Flamingo Buffet

Bonny & Joel at Wynn Resort


Mike McCann & Bobby Morris

Joel & Ken

Judy & Jack Hanf


Mike & Randy

Digger, Evelyne. Ken, Jim & Mike




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QUEEN VICTORIA PUB - Riviera Hotel Las Vegas

Northwood N.A.D.S. Dinner - April 27, 2012

Queen Victoria Pub, Riviera Hotel

Peggy & Randy

Carol & Len

Dwight & Jane

a la carte at the long table 1

a la carte at the long table 2

Vicky & Lawrence

Bonny & Joel

Micky & Dell

George & Penny

Nadettes gone wild!

Nadettes gone wild 2!

Barbara on the bottle mic

Vicky on the bottle mic

Micky on the bottle mic

Nadettes & Elvis


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The Ride, The Wedding & The Dinner

April 28, 2012

Peggy & Randy

Champagne, strawberries & cheese under guard

limo to the chapel

Bruce & Barbara

Jack & Judy

Lawrence & Vicky

Lenny & Carol

Dell & Micky

party limo 1

party limo 2

Bruce & Barbara

Vicky, Lenny & Carol

Randy's sister & brother-in-law Lynn & Scott Phillips

Ken in disguise

Randy & Peg rockin' out

Peggy, Randy, Elvis & Northwood N.A.D.S.

loading up for the dinner

Wedding Dinner at The George



Peggy, Randy, Elvis & Northwood N.A.D.S. - April 28, 2012

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Trevi Italian (Caesars Palace)

Northwood N.A.D.S. Group Dinner - April 29, 2012


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