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Northwood N.A.D.S. Renunion 2010

Kauai Marriott Resort, Hawaii - April 22-26 2010



Welcome Cocktail Party

party site from NADS Suite deck



Craig, Clint Diane, Evelyne, Yvonne


waiting out the rain

Sharron Weber & Diane Tomlinson

passing shower

party site



Randy & Luba - hula lesson

Dell & Micky Tapp + Mike McCann

Joel, Clint & Randy

Bill Menzing & Joel Pasowicz

Yvonne & Craig Kall

Clint, Micky & Sharron

Lenny, Randy &Carol

Craig, Yvonne, Ulla-Britt & Jerry

Bobby, Digger, Debbie & Joel

Louise & Yvonne Kall

Joel & George

Jim, Yvonne & Mike



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