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Pre-NADS History of 14 Frithwood


Early USAF residents of 14 Frithwood Ave., Northwood, MDDX

This page is dedicated to Richard Todd for finding 14 Frithwood Ave, and to the other South Ruislip / 1969th Communications Squadron guys who populated the flats beginning in 1964.  Richard, congratulations on the temporary promotion that made it possible for you to set in motion what became a significant phenomenon!



14 Frithwood Ave - Front (1964)


Richard Todd

Hilary Todd

Bob Corrie

Bob Slater

Dal Bryer

Bob Sockol

Hillar & Richard Todd

(L to R)   Dal Bryer, Bob Corrie, Bob Sockol, Bob Slater

(Front)   Richard Todd





14 Frithwood Ave - Back (1965)


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