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NADS Football Teams & Uniforms


First N.A.D.S. team football photo

Larry Huddleston, Clint Macy, Martin Kramer, Randy Catley, Bud Bafia, Michael McCann, Jim Tomlinson,

Bill Evilsizor, Jerry Beard, Joel Pasowicz & Jerry Jackson



Second N.A.D.S. team uniform

Clint Macy, Joel Pasowicz, Paul Baylis, George Weber, Randy Catley, Charles Clapsaddle, Richard Love, Larry France, Alan Kramer,  Joe Gabaka, Mike McCann,

Wendy Sommers, Martin Kramer, Jerry Jackson, Charlie Flaxman & Gerrie Eschen-Flaxman



Second N.A.D.S. team uniform [another day]

Clint Macy, Mike McCann, (Love), Marty Kramer, George Weber, Dick Love, Paul Baylis, Randy Catley, Jerry Jackson,

Joel Pasowicz, Charles Clapsaddle, Charlie Flaxman, Larry France, Alan Kramer, Joe Gabaka





 (unknown), Joel Pasowicz, Paul Baylis, George Weber, Clint Macy, Randy Catley, 

(Bowen), Barry Clapsaddle, Charles Clapsaddle, Bob Jeglum & Dave Bowen





N.A.D.S. vs. The Gate pub football team November 7, 1971

Northwood NADS vs. The Gate, November 7, 1971

This was the first football match for the Northwood NADS. In fact, it was the first soccer match for a number of our players, and most of the others hadn't played since high school. We had not even practiced or even played together yet.

In retrospect, we may have been a little over promoted by The Gate (Rickmansworth Road, Northwood, MDDX) as the "U.S.A. All Stars," unless they were referring to beer consumption!  However, The Gate team may have been over confident, and were surprised that they barely got by us...

We were beaten 4-0, but our supporters won for enthusiasm and appearance. Our new Carnaby Street uniform jerseys were a little tight, but far out! I have some photos of team members recently modeling their old jerseys, but won't go there...



The Gate, Rickmanworth Road, Northwood (April 1972)



("After the match we'll meet at the pub...")




The N.A.D.S. FC made it to the Harrow Sunday Challenge League Cup Final in May 1976, though the team had changed quite a bit. The only original NADS were Paul Baylis and Clint Macy.

The final score was 5-1 against the NADS.



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