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Northwood NADS Transport / Automobiles


These vehicles were owned by various residents of Hallowell Rd, Chester Rd, Dene Road and Frithwood Ave during our Glory Days... 

Most of these cars could make it to Queensway and back via auto-pilot, but somehow, we all stayed out of trouble...




Pasowicz - Hillman Minx


Tomlinson - MGB


Macy - VW

Evilsizor - VW

Weber - VW

Ensrude - VW

Digger - VW

McCann - VW

Mohn - VW

Kall - TR250

Yozzo - MG Midget (maybe?)

Evilsizor - Opel GT


McCann - Triumph Spitfire

Macy - VW


Beard -Austin A40

France - Ford Falcon

Tomlinson - MGB

Hind - Ford Skyliner

Coviello - Daimler

West - Triumph

Walker - Mini

Walker -Mini

McCann - Triumph Spitfire

McCann - VW

Tomlinson - Bumper

Weber - Viking

14 Frithwood





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